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Do you subscribe to Netflix or Spotify? With MasterBenefit program, you can use a car in a similar way.
For an attractive monthly fee you drive, we do the rest! We help you in-car maintenance (insurance, servicing, inspections, tyres).

You save time and money. It is more convenient than buying a car!

Car in MasterBenefit subscription

  • Thanks to your employer, you have access to the MasterBenefit car subscription on attractive conditions.
  • You can access MasterBenefit offer by signing up on the platform with the offer (using your business email address) or via the dedicated website.
  • MasterBenefit program ensures that the costs of car use will be easy to predict (there is a fixed monthly subscription fee). Unexpected car costs are no longer your problem!
  • When you use a car in MasterBenefit program, you do not have to worry about selling your car or losing its value.
  • High standard of service. Thanks to the positive reviews of our customers, we have been awarded the Customer Friendly Company title.

Repair and maintenance services

  • MasterBenefit subscription includes mechanical service with the replacement of wearing parts.
  • You do not have to worry about the cost of servicing and periodic inspections.
  • Car maintenance and repair services are provided by experts from Masterlease Group.

Full insurance

  • MasterBenefit subscription includes full insurance: Casco / Motor third party liability insurance / Incident insurance / Roadside assistance.
  • In case of a breakdown, you will receive a replacement car for the duration of the repair.
  • You no longer have to worry about the rising cost of insurance in the coming years or an increase in the premium after a collision.

Tyre storage and replacement

  • MasterBenefit subscription includes tyre storage and replacement.
  • Tyres will no longer take up space in your basement, garage, or on balcony!
  • All our cars are equipped with seasonal tires.

Subscription includes



24/7 Assistance
+ replacement car

Seasonal tires
with replacement

Recommended cars in Flexible Subscription

skoda fabia kolor srebrny na białym tle

Skoda Fabia

Ambition 1.0 TSI | 95 HP

from PLN 1 110 gross/mo.

Opel Corsa in Flexible Subscription MasterBenefit.

Opel Corsa

Enjoy 1.4 | 75 HP

from PLN 1 115 gross/mo.

Hyundai i30 in Flexible Subscription MasterBenefit.

Hyundai i30

Classic 1.4 | 100 HP

from PLN 1 493 gross/mo.

Jaguar E-Pace

i4D 2.0 AWD | 150 HP

from PLN 2 810 gross/mo.

Recommended new cars

Suzuki Swift

Premium Hybrid 1.2 | 83 HP

for PL 1626 gross/mo.

audi a3 w kolorze czerwonym na białym tle

Audi A3

Advanced 1.5 | 150 HP

for PL 2208 gross/mo.

nissan qashqai kolor niebieski na białym tle

Nissan Qashqai

N-Connecta 1.3 | 158 HP

for PL 2298 gross/mo.

volvo xc60 zdjęcie

Volvo XC 60

Plus Dark 2.0 | 197 HP

for PL 3557 gross/mo.


  • It simply pays off! A new car on MasterBenefit could cost you less than a private purchase, loan, lease, or other rentals!
  • You just fill up the tank and drive! The costs of using the car its insurance are included in the monthly subscription fee.
  • In MasterBenefit, we take care of your car and cover costs related to servicing, tires, repairs.
  • No start-up fee – you do not spend any money on initial fees.
  • You optimise costs – if you run a business, MasterBenefit subscription can be included in tax-deductible expenses.
  • Fuel card – pay at selected gas stations conveniently, quickly and safely. You settle up once a month – based on a collective VAT invoice.


  • The subscription fee will not be increased if you cause a collision – there is no penalty charge.
  • The latest car models, an authorised service centre – you get a high level of safety as standard!
  • You will get a replacement car for the time when your car is repaired, e.g. as a result of a breakdown or collision.


  • You have peace of mind and more time because Masterlease Group experts will take care of everything.
  • You drive a new car that will give you high comfort of use.
  • You can afford a car of a higher class.
  • Formalities can be settled online.
  • The prepared car will be delivered to a designated address.

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