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Choosing a Car

  • What cars can I choose from?

    You can choose car models presented on our online platform.

  • Can I choose the colour of the vehicle?

    All cars offered by us are available in different colour options. Click “Book car” to choose the colour that you like the most from the range available for a given model.

  • Can I add or remove any of the equipment elements?

    Most of the cars presented on our platform are just being produced or have already been produced, so it is not possible to modify their specifications. Very often, we present the same model in the Premium equipment version giving additional comfort and a sense of prestige. If you feel that you would like to have a better-equipped car model, it is worth considering this option.

  • I chose a car from a dealer; can I use the MasterBenefit offer?

    By default, the MasterBenefit offer is based on negotiated purchasing conditions and it will not be possible to prepare equally favourable conditions for a vehicle from outside our system. If you have found your dream car immediately available, you can ask us for a MasterBenefit offer for such a car. Whether this offer will be as attractive to you as the offers presented by us on the online platform depends on whether we have a cooperation agreement with a given vehicle manufacturer.

  • I dream about a particular car – will you prepare a personalized offer for me?

    If you have found your dream car, contact us, we will prepare an offer for you.

  • What does the “for production” status mean when choosing cars?

    In the case of Premium cars “for production”, we can modify the equipment ordered and the specification of the car. If, for example, for the same price it is possible to change the colour of the upholstery from black to light or choose a roof painted white, we will do it for the same monthly payment. However, if you add a lot of personalized elements and gadgets that significantly increase the cost of buying this car, and thus increase its loss of value, we will prepare an offer for you with these parameters taken into account.

Contract and Payments

  • Who signs a car contract under the MasterBenefit program. I or my employer?

    The contract is concluded only between you and Prime Car Management as the operator of the MasterBenefit program. We have a separate contract with your employer, defining our terms of cooperation and guaranteeing all employees access to the MasterBenefit car fee scheme.

  • Can my self-employed partner sign a contract?

    Yes, we only require appropriate documents which confirm this form of cooperation.

  • Will the subscription fee for the car be charged from my remuneration or do I have to pay for it myself?

    You pay the MasterBenefit subscription fee on the basis of a VAT invoice. Your employer does not mediate in the payment process.

  • Do I have to make any payments before collecting the car, e.g. the first payment, deposit, registration fees, etc.?

    No. You don’t have to pay any costs before collecting the car.

  • What happens if for any reason my employment contract with my employer is terminated during a MasterBenefit fee scheme contract?

    The MasterBenefit car fee scheme contract lasts until the end of its stipulated period, with the terms unchanged. However, you will not be able to extend it or sign a new contract for another car on such preferential terms. If terminating the contract with your employer is accompanied by exceptional circumstances that would make you want to terminate the contract for your car, please inform your employer’s HR department, and together we will try to find the best solution.

  • What exactly does a car subscription plan under the MasterBenefit program include?

    • full casco/MTPL/incident insurance – without deductibles,
    • mechanical service,
    • 24/7 roadside assistance with a replacement car for the entire period of repair,
    • seasonal tires with replacement and storage,
    • car use fee.

  • What documents are required to participate in the MasterBenefit program?

    It depends on your type of contract.

    In the case of an employment contract, you will need:
    • application,
    • employment and salary certificate signed by the employer,
    • declaration of verification of the identity document.

    In the case of a cooperation contract, you will need:
    • application,
    • certificate of cooperation with the employer, signed by the employer,
    • certificate from the employer on the monthly flat-rate remuneration and average remuneration paid in the last 3 months,
    • declaration of verification of the identity document.

  • What is the travel limit?

    The travel limit specified in the contract is the maximum number of kilometres that the car can travel from the time the contract is concluded to the end of the subscription. The travel limit is based on the annual limit that you declare when you sign the contract.
    The annual limit of 20,000 km, which is assumed in the basic version of the MasterBenefit subscription is sufficient for most car users MasterBenefit experience shows that most employees drive less than 15,000 km per year, but we intentionally increased the basic limit to give users a sense of comfort.

  • Why does the subscription cost increase as the kilometre limit increases?

    All subscription calculations are based on the simulation of service costs and depreciation of individual models, the basic parameter of which is the travel distance of a car in a given period. The more a car travels, the more the tyres, brakes and transmission wear out.

  • What is the term of a MasterBenefit subscription contract?

    The term of a MasterBenefit subscription contract can range from 12 to 60 months. The available contract variants are always presented on our online platform.

  • Is it possible to change the scope of the contract?

    If you have specific needs that can only be met by this contract option, please contact us. We will prepare for you a solution optimally matched to your needs.

  • Can I cancel the subscription during its term?

    It is not possible to cancel the lease during the term of the contract. Of course, in exceptional life situations, such as changing the country of residence, please contact us. We will consider such matters individually.

  • Certain provisions in the contract are not clear to me, what should I do?

    If something is unclear to you, contact us using the form on the platform or website.

  • Can I subscribe a car for a relative?

    Vehicle under the MasterBenefit program can be used by your immediate family members (spouse, children or parents), as well as your partner. You just need to send us an email stating who is the primary vehicle user. The party to the contract is always an employee/associate of the MasterBenefit partner company

  • When do I start paying the subscription fee for the car I ordered?

    Exactly from the day, the car is picked up. The date will appear on the vehicle hand-over report.

  • When and how will I receive the first invoice?

    You will receive the invoice at the beginning of each month with a time limit for payment of 14 days.

  • What items will appear on the invoice?

    Each month you will receive two invoices with the following items: “Fee for using the car” and “Insurance transaction”. Since the insurance part is exempt from VAT, we must present it as an additional item. The total of these fees will make up the subscription fee, chosen by you on our online platform and received in the booking confirmation of your car.

  • I run my own business. Can I pay for my MasterBenefit fee scheme and deduct my payments from my taxable income?

    Most self-employed users settle the payment as part of the cost of their company. Before concluding the contract, consult your accounting office to find the best possible solution for your current accounting situation.

Collecting the Car

  • When will I be able to pick up my car?

    The availability of the model you chose depends on the current situation of the particular car. Before booking a car in the reservation form, you will see if the car is already available and then it can take up to 7 business days before you can collect the car. In the event that the car is in production, the date will depend on the production and transport stage and the production situation of a given car model. Talk to a consultant about this and present him with your current situation. We will try to find the best possible solution for you so that you do not lose your mobility even for a moment.

  • What if I need a car right now and my car will be available only after a few weeks?

    We can offer you to rent a pre-contract car from our MasterRent24 rental. Ask a consultant for an individual car offer.

  • You only give the approximate date for collecting the car. Why is it so and can delivery of the car be delayed?

    Receipt of the car may be delayed for reasons beyond our control.

  • What documents do I need to take with me to pick up the car?

    All you need to do is take your ID and your driving license with you.

Using the Car

  • Can I go abroad with my car?

    If you are planning a trip abroad, please inform the Customer Service Centre of Masterlease Group about it.

    Send an e-mail to the following address at least 3 working days before the departure date:

    Please indicate in the e-mail:
    • car plate number,
    • countries through which you will travel,
    • planned departure date,
    • e-mail address to which we need to send documents.

    Consultants of the Customer Service Centre will prepare the necessary documents for you:
    • authorization to use a car,
    • green card (if you are going to countries where it is required).

    Departure outside the EU

    If you plan to travel outside of European Union, Switzerland or Norway:
    • you will need to take out additional insurance,
    • its cost will be added to the next invoice.

  • Where, when and how should I have the car serviced at set intervals?

    Contact our Technical Center – tel. 58 340 44 01.
    We will coordinate the inspection of your vehicle.

  • What should I do in the event of an accident or fender-bender?

    Contact us at 58 340 44 01 (choose option 3).
    We will coordinate the repair of your vehicle.

  • Where can I make a seasonal tyre change?

    Contact the Technical Center – tel. 58 340 44 01 (choose option 2).
    Our consultant will suggest a service point in a convenient location for you.

Returning the Car

  • How should I prepare the car for return?

    The car should be clean both inside and outside so that we can inspect it for any damage.
    Also, take all private objects that are not a part of your vehicle’s equipment with you.

  • Where can I return the car?

    At least 3 working days before the return of the car, please contact the Car Return Department, with whom you will determine the exact date and location of the car pick-up.

    Contact data for our Car Return Department
    58 340 44 01 (4)

    More information helpful when preparing to return the car can be found in the Customer Area on website in the „End of the contract” section.

  • Can I return my current car and pick up a new one on the same day?

    Yes, of course, but on condition that you order your new car well in advance so that we can prepare it for you and coordinate these processes.

  • Can I buy the car after the contract period?

    You can buy the car at the price provided for in the contract.

Fuel card

  • Can I choose the gas station network where I will refuel?

    Yes, you can choose one of the three networks we cooperate with: Orlen, BP, Shell.

  • Can I use the fuel card to pay for other products and services available at the station?

    Yes, you can also use your fuel card to pay for other products and services available at the station, such as motor oil, windshield washer fluid, car wash, highways.

  • When I will receive invoice?

    A collective VAT invoice for a given billing period is issued by the 10th of the following month (it includes transactions from the previous month). The payment term is 14 days, from the date of the invoice.

  • From whom and how will I receive an invoice?

    The invoice is issued by PCM. Each time it is issued, you will receive an email notification with information about the availability of the document in the eMaster portal.

  • Is the fuel card mandatory as a part of the MasterBenefit agreement?

    The fuel card is not mandatory. This is one more convenience you can use in MasterBenefit.

  • Last year I rented a car in MasterBenefit. Can I use the fuel card option?

    Of course! You can enter into a fuel card agreement at any time during the term of your MasterBenefit agreement.

  • How can I apply for a fuel card?

    Contact our Consultant using the contact form available on the website. If you have an active contract, prepare its number.

  • Can I resign from the fuel card during my MasterBenefit contract?

    The fuel card is an integral part of the MasterBenefit contract and cannot be abandoned. You can send us a request to block the fuel card in the system – it will be deactivated.

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