With MasterBenefit, you can drive a new car on preferential terms. When you decide to use this option, you pay a fixed monthly fee which includes:

Car purchase
Mechanical service
Full insurance (MTPL / casco / incident insurance)
Tyre storage and replacement

MasterBenefit is:


For a fixed monthly fee, you get:

  • Full service, not just a servicing package. We will coordinate the replacement of brake pads, tyres and discs, repair the clutch or the turbine.
  • Full insurance: Casco / Motor third party liability insurance / Incident insurance / Roadside assistance – without penalty charges.
  • A replacement car for the entire repair period.
  • Premium class tyres which ensure safety and up to 60 metres shorter braking distance than their cheaper equivalents.


A favourable price offer, available only for participants of the MasterBenefit program.

  • No start-up fee.
  • No additional fees for using the car.
  • Predictable car expenses throughout the term of the contract.
  • Cost optimisation – if you run a business, the subscription fee can be included in tax (deductible expenses)


The MasterBenefit contract is easy to understand.

The contractual provisions guarantee:

  • No penalty charges for damage.
  • Fixed fee throughout the term of the contract.
  • A stable business partner – we belong to the Capital Group of PKO Bank Polski.

Return the car and get a new one.

Are you thinking about a new model? Do you need a larger car or want to feel more comfortable in a premium class car?
Maybe your contract will soon expire and you are thinking about another car at MasterBenefit? Go to our platform and choose a car from our offer!
Remember, there is no limit on cars per user!

Return the car and get a new one.

Buy your car

You can buy your car at the price specified in the contract. Before you make such a decision, analyse all the pros and cons. Take into the account all the costs you will incur as a car owner.
If you are considering buying your car, please contact our advisors.

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