Subsidised electric car rental

We have added electric cars to the MasterBenefit offer, we will help you get funding for these with a government grant through the My electric [Mój elektryk] Program. This can make electric cars an attractive alternative to petrol cars.

Choose an electric car for yourself or your company!

The My electric Program is organised by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW). Implementation is scheduled for 2021-2026.

The aim of the program is to reduce the use of emission fuels in transport by supporting the purchase / rent of electric cars.

Benefits of an electric car at MasterBenefit with My electric grant

Korzystnie - niższy miesięczny abonament, dzięki przeznaczeniu kwoty dotacji na opłatę startową.


Lower monthly fee payments because the grant amount is used to pay the start-up fee.

Bezpiecznie - przewidywalne koszty – stała opłata abonamentowa przez okres umowy.


Predictable costs – fixed payments for the duration of the agreement.

Wygodnie - opieka nad samochodem i zapewnienie pakietu wybranych usług takich jak: ubezpieczenie, serwis, sezonowe opony.


We will help you take care of your car and provide you with a package of selected services such as insurance, servicing, tires changes and storage.

Recommended electric cars with My electric grant

Audi Q4 e-tron, napęd eklektyczny, kolor fioletowy.

Audi Q4

e-tron 35 | 231 HP

for PLN 4159 gross/mo.

Cupra Born

58 kWh | 204 HP

for PLN 4306 gross/mo.

Volvo XC 40, napęd eklektyczny, kolor biały.

Volvo XC 40

Plus Recharge P6 | 231 HP

for PLN 3582 gross/mo.

See more models

ikona symbolizująca umowę - opis procesy podpisania umowy wynajmu samochodu elektrycznego z dotacją Mój elektryk.

How to rent an electric car at My electric Program

1. Car selection

Register / Log in to the platform and select an electric car – marked as ‘My electric’ [Mój elektryk].

2. Submission of grant application

• After selecting the car and pressing the ‘Book’ button on the Vehicle Card, you will be contacted by a consultant, who will help you with the formalities.
• You can submit both applications, for a rent and a grant, in the ‘one-stop-shop’ with our consultant.

3. Sending the application to BOŚ

• We will verify the application and submit it on your behalf to Bank Ochrony Środowiska (in charge of the My electric budget).

4. Obtaining approval and signing the agreement

• Once the grant is approved (by BOŚ and NFEPWM), you will sign the Lease Agreement and the Grant Agreement.

5. Vehicle pick-up

• In a designated location or at the dealership.

• We can also deliver the car to a specified address.

MasterBenefit electric car subscription includes:

Full insurance


24/7 assistance
replacement car
(10 days)

Seasonal tires with replacement and storage

Ask about an electric car at My electric Program

Our consultant will contact you.

Grant value

NFOŚiGW estimates that it will subsidise 35,000 cars within 5 years. PLN 700 million was allocated to grants under the program. Applications can be submitted by both individuals and entrepreneurs, local governments and other institutions.

Table 1


of the vehicle

Maximum vehicle

Mileage over a period
of 24 mo.

Grant amount
Natural persons not engaged
in business activity
Passenger car

(see Table 2)
NonePLN 18,750
Natural persons with a
‘Large Family Card’
Passenger car
NoNonePLN 27,000
OthersPassenger carYes
(see Table 2)
NonePLN 18,750
OthersPassenger carYes
(see Table 2)
30.000 kmPLN 27,000
OthersTruck up to 3.5 tNoNoneUp to 20% of eligible costs,
but no more than PLN 50,000
OthersTruck up to 3.5 tNoNoneUp to 30% of eligible costs,
but no more than PLN 70,000

Table 2


Maximum vehicle price (gross)

The beneficiary is not VAT taxablePLN 225,000
The beneficiary ‘settles’ 50% of VATPLN 248,205
The beneficiary ‘settles’ 100% of VATPLN 276,750

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

  • What is included in the MasterBenefit subsctiption fee for an electric car at My electric Program?

    • Full insurance – motor hull insurance / third-party liability insurance / personal accident insurance
    • Mechanical service
    • 24/7 assistance + replacement car (10 days)
    • Seasonal tires with replacement and storage

  • What documents are required to rent an electric car with the My electric grant at MasterBenefit?

    Natural persons not engaged in business activity.
    Individuals earning income from employment contracts or civil law contracts.

    1. Rent application (you will receive the document from our consultant).
    2. Certificate of employment with a MasterBenefit partner company and earnings (not older than 30 days).
    3. Confirmation of transfer of remuneration to your account from the last 3 months.
    4. Grant application:
    • the Applicant’s declaration as unmarried or the spouse’s consent to acceptance (if applicable),
    • for natural persons with a Large Family Card: a copy of the document (if applicable).

    Activity carried out on the basis of an entry in the business activity register (natural persons).

    1. Rent application (you will receive the document from our consultant).
    2. Entry in the business activity register.
    3. Certificate of cooperation with a MasterBenefit partner company, signed by the entrepreneur/principal.
    4. Financial documents: PIT return for the last full year and revenue and expense ledger for the current year.
    5. Grant application:
    • for natural persons: the Applicant’s declaration as unmarried or the spouse’s consent to acceptance (if applicable),
    • for natural persons with a Large Family Card: a copy of the document (if applicable),
    • personal statements (if applicable).

  • Which car can I rent? Are there any restrictions other than the price?

    Under the European Commission’s ‘comfort letter’ decision, the grant can cover new M1 and N1 category zero-emission vehicles and natural persons may apply for a grant for an M1 vehicle costing up to 225,000 gross.
    The price restriction does not apply to Large Family Card holders.
    The My electric grant will reduce the payment fee for the rent of an electric car in the MasterBenefit Program.

  • On what does the award of a grant at My electric Program depend?

    Applications are evaluated for compliance with the rules and conditions of the program. Receiving the grant requires:
    • fulfilling the criteria set out in the priority programe and the selection rules,
    • rent of a new electric car costing no more than the maximum value of the vehicle specified in the program terms and conditions.

  • I run a sole proprietorship. What grant can I obtain?

    You can obtain the same grant as any other entrepreneur, i.e.:
    • if an M1 category vehicle is purchased, up to PLN 27,000 (with an average annual mileage of at rent 15,000 km),
    • for an N1 category vehicle, up to PLN 70,000 (but not more than 30% of eligible costs).

  • Do you assist with submitting the application? Can the application be submitted online?

    An application for the grant can be submitted:
    • in paper form or,
    • electronically, using a qualified electronic signature.
    The Leasing Company always helps to complete and verify the grant application, so you can be sure that all the information has been properly completed.

    If you have any questions about the application, please contact our consultant.

  • When will I find out if my grant application was successful?

    • Grant applications are sent to BOŚ (the My electric program operator) at the end of the last business day of the week.
    • Then, BOŚ has approx. 20 business days to issue a decision to approve or refuse the grant.
    • BOŚ always communicates the decision to the Leasing Company, which has 5 business days to inform the Customer about the decision of BOŚ.

  • Will anyone control where and how much I drive, and if so, who?

    Under the grant agreement, the user declares that the user will travel on public roads.
    In addition, two years following the vehicle handover, we will require you to submit one of the following statements:
    a) a statement confirming the Sustainability of the Project,
    b) information on the odometer status at the end of the Project Sustainability period.

  • Do I need to label the car?

    Yes, the car must be labelled with a sticker. You will receive it during the vehicle’s handover.

  • Is a starting fee required under the My electric Program?

    The idea behind the My electric Program is that the grant should cover the start-up fee and the transfer fee.
    Therefore, no own resources are required.

    In some cases, we may oblige the Customer to pay an initial fee higher than the amount of grant obtained.

  • Can I use an external insurance policy if I rent an electric car with a My electric grant?

    Yes, that is possible. Please discuss this matter with the consultant.

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